The Norber Erratics

High on a lonely hillside stands a stony herd – the Norber Erratics.  These great boulders, deposited by passing glaciers during the last Ice Age, have dotted the landscape for thousands of years.  Being made of sandstone, the weather had affected them differently to the surrounding limestone pavement – rain erodes the limestone at a much faster rate, leaving the erratics perched atop narrow stone pedestals that look rather like legs.  I can’t help but feel that they might just wander off on some new adventure.

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Loch Faskally and the Pass of Killiecrankie

Many a Scot knows the tale of the Battle of Killiecrankie, where Bonnie Dundee met his end. Yet the soldiers who fought that day would scarcely recognise the large loch that sits near the southern entrance to the pass.

Journey through the peaceful woodland at the shores of Loch Faskally, but watch out for Jacobites in the Pass of Killiecrankie. After climbing high above in search of mountain vistas, follow the more sensible example of Queen Victoria and pay a visit to the majestic Linn of Tummel. Finally, return to the modern era with the dawn of hydroelectric power, forever changing Highland life.

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Ben Vrackie

In the centre of Pitlochry, next to a pub, stands an old waterwheel.  Several such wheels once stood along the Moulin burn, powering the various mills and machinery that operated in Pitlochry in days gone by.  This walk follows the burn back towards its source on the lonely moors high above the town, and up to the summit of the mighty Ben Vrackie.

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