Stobs Camp and Penchrise Pen

A word to describe this walk near Hawick could easily be “forgotten” — with ruined cottages, ancient settlements, a disused railway line and an abandoned military camp all to uncover, it’s certainly fitting. Find out about Scotland’s wartime history as you venture into the hills; you may be near one of the Borders’ largest towns, but the sense of isolation and tranquility is ever present.

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Tibbie Tamson’s Grave

Little is known of the life of Selkirk’s Isabella Tamson, known as “Tibbie”.  A woman of simple mind, in 1790 she was accused of stealing a ball of yarn and summoned to trial.  The thought of being considered a criminal proved too much to bear, and Tibbie hanged herself in shame – a crime in itself at the time, which forbade her from burial in consecrated ground.  Sympathetic souls took her to a hillside outside the town and laid her to rest on a hillside where she could be persecuted no longer.  This walk is a pilgrimage of sorts to find this poor woman’s peaceful grave.

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